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The mission of Homes for Veterans is to make a difference, one life at a time, by providing safe, secure and stable housing for high-need veterans with families. We provide a home and a program that supports a new start in life.  
Housing: We believe in helping veterans succeed to break the cycle of homelessness. Moving homeless veterans and their families into a safe home is the backbone of our program. We strive to meet the needs of families when choosing housing locations. Locations where clients can become a part of a supportive community are critical. Our houses are selected in areas with good resources and schools. Homes for Veterans works hard to meet individual needs. We provide resources and referrals for accommodations and support in the home for our veterans with disabilities.  
Case Management & Support: We support our families with a variety of services that could include budget management, access to community resources and social services.  Clients  have a opportunity to participate in workshops and classes designed to give them the tools needed to achieve financial stability. We collaborate with local community agencies to connect veterans with additional support and help navigate complicated systems for accessing benefits. Staff also work closely with families to provide help for meeting specific needs that are current barriers to success.      
Here's what program participants have to say about their experience with the Making a Difference Foundation.  
“My life has changed for the better since I received help with housing from the Making a Difference Foundation. With the stability they provided me I am able to reassess the way I react and respond to life. The home has given me a place of secure safety that is peaceful. My family has less sense of worry for my life and well being. I am on a journey of cleaning up my credit. I can accomplish this by paying my debt and practicing a tight money management. I truly appreciate this opportunity and hope for success for the future. “ Daniel L.
“The Making A Difference Foundation has changed our families life in so many ways. First, it's giving us a lovely home and we are learning budgeting skills that we thought we didn't have. Secondly, we have began to save money that's something we thought we wouldn't be able to accomplish being put a tight budget but we have over come the anxieties and are learning to accept that we want to be homeowners not renters. Thank you for giving our family this opportunity.”  Bennett family
 “The Homes for Veterans program from the Making A Difference Foundation has helped my family in so many ways. They have not only provided a clean and stable home for my family but they are also helping us to learn how to budget properly. They have helped us by providing assistance with food, gas, and even Christmas for my children. I could not express what a positive difference this program has made in our lives. “ Heather R.
"MADF has done nothing except help us out when we had no where else to turn and no one else would take a chance on us!! God brought MADF into our lives to help us and to help guide us to a better future ... our credit was terrible and I truly believe that with MADF's guidance we will be again on a path to success!!  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you.” Jackie D.
The Program is in the pilot stage in Washington and Texas. The programs and services may vary in each state.  If you are a veteran who is currently homeless please fill out the contact box below.
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 the Homes For Veterans Program give priority to the following veteran groups: 

  • Veterans and their families children who are facing homelessness;
  • Women veterans with dependent children facing homelessness; and
  • Disabled veterans with their families and caregivers who face financial difficulties with securing homes and facing homelessness.

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